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Seratique, our name, our brand, creating clothing and accessories for individuals who wish to be different.  Having owned a retail unit in Aberdeen city centre, for a several years, selling body jewellery and accessories, my daughter felt it was time to expand into alternative clothing and accessories too. In 2013 we opened our small shop on Belmont Street, Aberdeen.  This is where I came in.  Aberdeen has always had a thirst to be different and we wanted to embrace and encourage this need, filling the void that is simply not filled by high street retailers. Offering styles and looks that can be retro, vintage, gothic, gamer, superhero, cute and so on.  Unfortunately, the economy changed in 2017 and we regrettably took the decision to close the shop.  Due to interest and feedback we received I decided to continue with an online shop.

Our range is handmade to order in a selection of good quality fabrics many items coordinating with accessories and some fabrics and designs that are limited editions, creating a unique look as fabrics become unavailable, retaining our limited-edition collection. I spend many an hour searching for the unusual whether online, fabric shops and even when on holiday, such is my enjoyment in seeking out the unusual for the next collection.  There are some that have become staples in the alternative scene with skulls and roses in a variety of colours and designs, and there is always a new fabric for that new collection.

We still support local events such as comicons, roller derbies, gamer conventions and other vintage events with a stall, it is our community.  Do check out Facebook to keep track of where we will be next.

I love diversity and was drawn back to a hobby of mine of dressmaking and the drive to be different.  Listening to customers suggestions and understanding why they are disappointed in mass produced items, when waistbands are rigid, or sizes that are unforgiving, opening an opportunity to create our own handmade products introducing styles, fabrics and design features that soon became very popular with our customers.  The beauty of many of the styles were that they work across all age groups, although some are definitely the domain of the younger shoppers, our elasticated waistbands appeal to all offering softness and comfort in a smart skirt.  Putting fun back into fashion by using both familiar and unfamiliar patterns in adult clothing, with skirts that have pockets offering practicality in styling.  Customer reaction was always the best response of whether a style or fabric worked and there is nothing better when you get the excited feedback on your creation or seeing it paraded down the street.  This is the reason I decided to continue online offering the same high-quality hand-crafted items with that little bit of difference. 

Overseeing the fabric purchase and use gave me a licence which I still take full advantage of, making coordinating items and accessories so that you can have a little or a lot depending on how much you love the fabric.  My inspiration always targets the big kid in us all, embracing the dinosaur skirt, the Dr Who shirt, the unicorn hairband, amongst many others always on the lookout for the next new fabric.  I always valued the desire to be different encouraging others to be individual in their choices of attire. Going full blown goth or just a geeky T-shirt, whoever you want to be displaying that beautiful personality on the outside.