Christmas jewellery necklaces 2

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Christmas jewellery

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Handmade costume jewellery. These earrings are the last of their kind and many are the only pair of their kind. The metal trees are small but cute if you don’t like too much bling jewellery, they are approximately1.5cm in height; coloured tree is approx 3cm; let it snow apprrox 2.5cm. Some are on a chain some are on a lace.  There are other matching necklaces on the site.

These are costume jewellery and whilst there may be some silver or silver plating they are sold as yellow metal or white metal only. The cord provided may be leather or cotton depending upon when it was made. Pendants are made of a variety of materials such as metal, plastic and fimo.

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let it snow on chain, let it snow on lace, small tree on chain, small tree on lace, green tree on chain